Nervous System

Lecture materials and Review for test

Links for Drugs, Addiction, & the Brain (5D) --Learn Genetics

Neuron Physiology Presentation (great video clips at the end!)

Video on Action Potentials that I showed in class with the modeling activity

Nervous system Show and Tell

Review for Test

PPT used during choice advisory--physiology

Nervous System Corrective Packet


Model 2 video clip for Intro NS Homework

Interesting TED talk on why the brain needs sleep!

Kahn Academy video on Nerve Impulses and how they work

Crash Course: The Nervous System

Handwritten Tutorial Videos for Nervous system

Action Potential (at rest)

Voltage Gated Ion Channels (Action does it work?)

Action Potential Propogation

Links for Class Activities

5-click reaction test (you will come here twice for the lab)

Texting and driving : 3 minute video to check your prediction

Online tuning fork for Senses lab

Archived materials that may be useful! (I don't use these in class, but you might still find them helpful)

Left brain or right brain? take this quick test to find out! Here's a longer version ...

Intro POGIL--Neurotransmitters video clip

For the Conduction POGIL--watch this video first! Neuron Action Potentials