Global Change/World Issues

In this unit, students will explore many aspects of global change. We'll investigate biodiversity and threats to biodiversity worldwide. We'll explore solid waste disposal and the social, economic, and environmental effects of solid waste disposal issues. We will also delve into global climate change, the science behind GCC, mitigation strategies, and the future of climate science.

Classwork links

GMA video (for Municipal Solid Waste POGIL)

Ted Talk--Seas of Plastic (for Municipal Solid Waste POGIL)

60 Minutes video--The Electronic Wasteland (worksheet 4A)

Shift: Trash Talk

World without water--documentary

Away (Video to accompany Municipal Solid Waste POGIL)

Reducing solid waste -- What can we do to mitigate this problem?

Global Climate Change Intro notes with Ted Talk to follow up

Global Climate Change Intro notes with Leider narrating

NASA Earth Observatory video

Modeling Future Climate video

Ted Talk: The Emergent Patterns of Climate Change

Washington Post Article: Drowning in Garbage

Supplemental Ewaste movie #1

Supplemental Ewaste movie #2