Energy and Earth dynamics (ch 8, 12, 13)

Lecture notes/slides

Chapter 8 lecture notes (no narration)

Chapter 8 Plate Tectonics and Rock Cycle Flipped lecture (Mrs. Leider is talking to YOU!)

Chapter 8 Mining Flipped lecture (Mrs. Leider is talking to YOU!)

Websites for Physical Properties of Soils lab (4C)

Soil Porosity Simulation (part 1 of soil lab)

Soil Porosity data for part 2 (scroll down)

Activity 2: Permeability

Classwork links

Plate Tectonics Podcast to start the unit (from the BBC, questions in your packet) 20 minutes

Rock cycle interactive for use in reading guide

Washington Post Article on Cobalt Mining (4F)

Virtual Soil Lab (no longer active)

Beginning website

Second site for this lab

Third site for this lab

Fourth site for this lab

Want more info on the Rock Cycle? try these links:

CK - 12 website on rocks

Tulane University

Wikipedia link

Geology site:

Ask GeoMan

Materials you need for the Physical Properties of Soil Lab (4C) but I couldn't put in the above section for some reason!


Faces of Earth (four different parts--this one is on plate tectonics)

Plate Tectonics: Four Billion years in 10 minutes (Sci Show)

Types of rocks song (you tube)

Long wall mining

Bozeman Science: Mining Video

Cleaning up Coal Mines

Animation links

Cool animation for plate tectonics, with a great quiz on the plate names and boundary types!

Lectures from

Ch 12 and 13

Chapter 12 lecture notes (no narration)

Flipped lecture (ch 12--with narration)

Video links from the flipped lecture

1st Earthday


Chapter 13 lecture notes (no narration)

Flipped lecture (Ch 13 with narration)

Video links -- Ch 13 flipped lecture

Tidal Power




Classwork links for

Ch 12 and 13

The Cobalt Pipeline--article from the Washington Post

Dig into Mining--simulating mining copper

How does your state generate electricity?

Energy Virtual Lab (from Glencoe) You have a worksheet to accompany this

Jason Energy Simulator for the PBL

Reading quizzes/Kahoot!

Chapter 8 Reading Quiz

Chapters 12 and 13 Reading quiz

Kahoot! Ch 12/13