Human Population and Agriculture

Links for Human Population Chapter

Chapter 7 notes (I'm talking to you!)

Paul Anderson Human Populations

Paul Anderson's Fishing video

Ted Talk: Power of Population Pyramids

Edpuzzle on Population pyramids!

Links for Feeding the World

Chapter 11 notes (I'm talking to you!)

Prep reading for our Socratic discussion titled, "How can we make our agricultural system more sustainable? "

Industrial Farms are good for the environment NYT Op Ed

Dig It! Soil/Farming Simulation

3rd world Farming Simulation--can you survive?

Links for Waste Generation and Waste Disposal

Chapter 16 notes (I'm talking to you!)

How Stuff Works Landfill Links for in class activity

How stuff works article

Landfill Quiz

Big Chicken Podcast from Fresh Air

60 second podcasts from Sci American

In class EdPuzzle review for test: Complete the following edpuzzles and show me your completed work after each one!


Human Population Impacts

Human Population Dynamics

Solid Waste