Living World

(Ch 4 - 6)

Chapter 4 Biomes and Climate

Intro to Climate Presentation (you have a notesheet to accompany this)

Chapter 4 Google presentation slides (no narration) whole presentation

Flipped lecture for Ch 4 (Mrs. Leider is narrating)--split into three parts

Climate, Weather and Trees Links

Presentation --this has all the links you need for the activity!

Cloud Identification -- there are tons of these online, this is just one I use and know.

U of Florida--Horticulture Dept/Tree info

Arbor Day Foundation

Climate Data Site

Carolina Lab Links

Exploring Earth

MIT link

Seasons Interactive

Wind Webquest Link

Climate Patterns and Life Links

Earth lab Activity for Climate Patterns and Life

1st: Join edpuzzle by using this code: mejolse

How the Amazon became the Crucible of Life

How does Evolution Really work?

HHMI video on Stickleback evolution with embedded questions

Virtual Population Lab (found in lecture notes)

Measuring Biodiversity in Gorongosa activity: Gorongosa Interactive Map

Plant Hardiness map (for Range of Tolerance in notes)

Evolution of TB (video clip for lecture notes)

Virtual Selective Breeding and GMO technology (found in lecture notes)

Selective Breeding alternative

What Darwin Never Saw--shown in class

Chapter 5: Biodiversity

(2G) Theory of Island Biogeography Virtual Lab Link

Chapter 6: Population & Community Ecology

Chapter 6 Lecture Packet

Inbred wolves struggle (reading for in your notepacket)

After you read this news article, you could go to thiswebsite to read a bit about all the scientific information we've gained from this long term study.

Lastly, you have a case study to do for this unit (Hardcopy)

Links for Chapter Reading Questions

Chapter 4: World Biomes Video from Untamed Science

Chapter 5: Bruce Lipton--The 6th Mass Extinction

Chapter 6: Bright spots of resilience


Habitable Planet Video

Intro to the Coriolis Effect

Seasons Interactive (with quiz)

Ted Talk: Cloudy Climate Change: How Clouds affect Earth's Temperature



Check your understanding!

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 (coming soon!)