Muscular System

Contraction in Action (Skit) videos (part of 3C)

Class Activity Links (use if you lost your copies or need to review)

3C: Muscle Physiology POGIL--use for better pictures or if yours got lost

3D: Steroid Prezi

Review for the test

Corrective packet for retaking the assessment

Pathology Journaling (3-1) Intro Site--Assignment in your GDrive

Muscular System Podcast (3-2)--questions in your GDrive

Sarcomere Podcast --this is the worksheet--podcast is linked in here as well. (3E)

Leider's Lectures

Muscle Physiology Lecture Day --used in class on March 12.

Intro to Muscular system Anatomy and Physiology--great videos in the Physiology section. This was NOT used in class.

Flipped Physiology lecture (I'm talking to you!)

Muscle Show and Tell (presentation only)

Flipped Show and Tell lecture (Arm and Leg only)

Physiology lecture (embedded in a bunch of other stuff--I'm too lazy to edit the ppt, so you need to search it out!)

Animations/Videos etc.

Animation of the entire process (all three steps)

Animation of the shortening sarcomere

Crash Course Video on Muscles--the Love Story!

How to Grow a Beating Heart--Nat Geo video on regenerative medicine--amazing!

Physiology animations with quizzes

Stop Animation of the whole process