In this unit, students will learn about the overarching theme of Environmental Science. We will investigate the social, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainability. Through a myriad of activities, students will explore resource availability and resource use and the impact of resources use on the planet.

Websites for classwork

Ecological Footprint (1B) this document has all the hyperlinks you will need!

Intro to 1-4: Global Challenges (Presentation entitled Why should we care about Sustainability?) Shown in class on 2/8!

Evaluations of a Business Protocol. This file has all the electronic copies of all the business vignettes for 1-5. This is here in case you need to view them at home.

Gapminder--Development in Motion (1D). You will use this website for most of this assignment.

Sustainable Development Goals: You will need this link for the last part of 1D: Development in Motion.

Videos for classwork

Intro Video for 1D: Development in Motion

A Powerful Truth (from the NY Times)

Items for Correctives (in case you need to retake the assessment)

Population Video #1 watch in its entirety.

Population Video #2: watch from 3:00 - 7:00

Links to hardcopy documents

Ecological Footprint Webquest 1B

Development in Motion 1D

Lecture notes!

1-1: Sustainability Overview (no ppt to load here, it's all linked in your document in your GDrive)

1-2: Issue Investigation notes (go to the Issue Investigation Tab)

Test your understanding!